Earning Tasks

Engage, Earn, and Excel

In the dynamic world of the GP Token ecosystem, we're excited to introduce "Token Tasks" - a groundbreaking feature that seamlessly blends your digital footprint with earning opportunities. Here's how it works:

Connect and Score

Start by connecting your social media accounts to the Grabpenny platform. Our system assigns you a "Social Score," reflecting your activity and engagement levels on these profiles. The higher your engagement, the better your score.

Personalized Task Assignment

Based on your Social Score, our system intelligently matches you with tasks. These tasks are tailored to your interests and online activity, ensuring that every task is an opportunity you're well-suited to excel in.

Diverse Earning Opportunities

Completing these tasks isn't just about ticking boxes; it's your pathway to earning GP tokens, XP, and energy. Whether it's engaging with content, sharing your insights, or contributing to discussions, each task is a step towards tangible rewards.

Task Verification and Continuous Rewards

The verification of completed tasks extends over variable days, ensuring fairness and accuracy in reward distribution. What's more, you'll earn energy rewards for verifying your tasks, adding another layer to your earning potential.

Why Token Tasks?

Token Tasks are designed with the dual aim of rewarding our users and enriching the GP Token community. Through this feature, not only do you gain by engaging in activities you love, but you also contribute to the vibrancy and growth of our ecosystem.

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