Tax Strategy

The GP Token is crafted for the sustainability and longevity of its ecosystem. Our innovative approach includes a fix taxation system on trade transactions.

Buy tax: 1% Sell tax: 3%

Moving Towards Decentralization

The path to decentralization includes forming a DAO. This governance model will assume protocol ownership once it's deemed ready for fully decentralized operations.

Transparency with Rabby Wallet

We recommend the Rabby wallet for its ability to provide clear insights into taxation costs by simulating transactions. This transparency ensures users are fully informed before making unstaking or selling decisions.

Encouraging Long-term Participation

The GP Token ethos promotes holding and staking. We aim to support members who share our vision for long-term success over short-term gains.

Holders and stakers are rewarded for their commitment, while unstakers and sellers, who may hinder the protocol’s growth, are less aligned with our long-term objectives.

This framework ensures the GP Token ecosystem not only survives but thrives, rewarding long-term participation and fostering a stable, growing community.

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