At the heart of the GrabPenny ecosystem, facilitated by our new platform, lies a fundamental principle of demand and supply that ensures the vitality and sustainability of our community. Clients pay to run their campaigns on, directly fueling the rewards pool from which our users benefit.

Reward Distribution

Of the amount paid by clients, 50% is directly allocated to our users as rewards for their participation and efforts in completing tasks. This direct incentive not only motivates active engagement but also ensures that the value generated by our community is shared back with them.

Strategic Allocation of the Remaining Funds

The rest of the funds, the other 50%, are strategically allocated to support the infrastructure, development, and growth of both GrabPenny and This includes:

  • Platform Development: Continuous improvement and expansion of features to enhance user experience and client satisfaction.

  • Marketing and Outreach: To attract more clients and expand our user base, ensuring a steady flow of tasks and campaigns.

  • Operational Costs: Covering the expenses related to maintaining a robust, secure, and scalable platform.

  • Future Innovations: Investing in new technologies and opportunities to keep GrabPenny at the forefront of the digital rewards ecosystem.

On QuickBuzz, clients are encouraged to pay with GP tokens to receive a 10% additional discount on their campaign payments, further enhancing the value and utility of our ecosystem. This incentive not only benefits clients but also strengthens the demand for GP tokens.

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