Taxation and Distribution Strategy

To sustain and fuel the growth of the GP Token ecosystem, we've implemented a strategic taxation policy on buy and sell transactions. Each transaction incurs a tax, meticulously allocated to various sectors of the ecosystem to ensure its long-term stability and prosperity.

Current Buy Tax Distribution (4%)*

The tax on buy transactions is distributed as follows:

  • Liquidity Pool: 50% of total tax is directed towards strengthening the GP Token's liquidity pool, enhancing overall market stability.

  • Staking Rewards: 15% of total tax is allocated to the staking rewards pool, incentivizing users to stake their GP Tokens and earn rewards over time.

  • Development Fund: 18% of total tax supports ongoing development, ensuring the GP Token ecosystem continues to evolve with new features and enhancements.

  • Marketing and Growth: 17% of total tax is invested in marketing initiatives and ecosystem growth strategies, expanding the GP Token's reach and adoption.

Current Sell Tax Distribution (4%)*

The tax on sell transactions is carefully allocated to support ecosystem health and user rewards:

  • Liquidity Pool: 50% of total tax bolsters the GP Token liquidity, maintaining smooth and stable transaction capabilities.

  • Rewards Pool: 15% of total tax is contributed to a general rewards pool, used for user incentives and engagement boosts.

  • Development and Operations: 17% of total tax goes towards the continuous development and operational costs of the GP Token ecosystem.

  • Ecosystem Stability Fund: 18% of total tax is set aside for the Ecosystem Stability Fund, which is used to mitigate the impacts of extreme volatility and ensure the longevity of the GP Token.

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