Attributes & Benefits

Single stone can have 5 attributes. randomly assigned when minted

1. Power attribute

The Power attribute of NFTs significantly enhances the amount of rewards a user can earn from completing tasks and offers. TBD

2. Time Shift

The Time Shift is an attribute that influences the user's position in the queue for accessing new tasks and special offers. NFTs equipped with this attribute adjust the flow of time for their owners, giving them priority access and effectively placing them ahead of others. This can be a significant advantage in competitive task environments.

3. Accelerator

The Accelerator affects the rate at which a user can gain experience points within the app. Owners of NFTs with this attribute will find their journey through various app levels expedited, allowing them to unlock features and rewards at a faster pace. This attribute symbolizes the ability of the NFT to speed up personal growth and development.

4. Surge

Surge impacts the amount of energy a user receives during their activities within the app. With this attribute, NFT holders receive a higher energy quota, enabling them to engage in more tasks without waiting for energy replenishment. It embodies the NFT's power to invigorate its owner, boosting their stamina and endurance.

5. Crest

Crest affects a user's task storage capabilities within the app. Users with this attribute can hold and manage more tasks at once, unlike those without it who may have limited storage. This attribute represents the NFT's ability to expand its owner's horizons, enhancing their capacity to juggle multiple opportunities simultaneously.

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