Exploring Realms

Material Realm

The Material Realm is the gateway for users entering the NFT space within GrabPenny. It features five foundational stones—each with unique but basic properties that are ideal for newcomers. These stones offer a tangible start, giving users a taste of the NFT world and preparing them for more complex and rewarding levels.

Gemstone Layer

Ascending from the basics, the Gemstone Layer introduces four refined stones. These gemstones not only shimmer with deeper color and finer quality but also carry enhanced attributes that impact the user’s ability to earn and engage within the app. Holding these gemstones marks a user’s transition into more serious NFT trading and collection.

Crystal Domain

The Crystal Domain brings forth three exquisite crystals. Each crystal in this tier offers a combination of rarity and power, providing significant advantages like access to exclusive in-app events and higher reward potentials. The crystals here are sought after for both their beauty and their utility.

Ethereal Tier

Nearing the apex, the Ethereal Tier features rare and almost ethereal stones. - TBD

Master Artifact


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